May Fair and Field Day, 2012

Fourth and fifth graders dance around the May Pole.

Students enter the school's field under a canopy.

Henrietta the chicken chooses the May Day Queen. Girls from the lower grades held food and whoever Henrietta went to first became queen. Loretta chose the King.

The weather was perfect for May Fair.


The school also held their field day with teams of mixed grades competing in competition from a three-legged race to a sack race.

The eight grade got into the spirit of competition in find your shoe in the pile game.

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Spring Concert

The Cape Ann Waldorf School Middle School Orchestra gave their annual spring concert in the school’s Great Hall Tuesday, May 29, 2012. Students performed pieces ranging from the theme from “Pirates of the Caribbean” to “Allegro” from the Spring of the Four Seasons.

Stephen Smith, director of the CAW orchestra, has the school's musicians stand for applause for a great concert.



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The bees are here!

3rd grader Jami Wrinn carrying the bees to their new hive

Post by Bill Wrinn, guest blogger

Last Monday evening saw the arrival of over 5,000 honey bees to the new CAWS bee sanctuary at Moraine Farm. Currently located in the far fields behind the main barn, the new hive is in a cozy spot next to some shade trees with plenty of space for takeoffs, landings and all the things bees need to do. They had spent the previous few days making their way from Tennessee via U.S. postal mail and now join four other hives that were recently placed there by our own bee folk, Mary and Dave Mansur.

It was a delicate, yet simple process. The cool weather caused the bees to move slower, which made for an easy transition. Inside the small cluster of bees was a box about five inches long that contained the queen and her two attendant bees. The queen box was removed and the remaining bees brushed off. Once the queen box was placed in the hive and set, next came the job of emptying the remaining bees. To do that, the screened box they arrived in was simply turned upside down and the rest of the bees were shaken out and literally dumped into the hive. The stubborn bees remaining in the package were placed at the doorway so they could walk in at their own pace. Before the hive top was shut, a jar containing a sweet mixture of honey and chamomile tea was placed inside so the bees would have nourishment before exploring and finding their way to the nectar around them.

Over the past school week, the worker bees ate their way through the candy plug in the queen box so that she could emerge and begin her lifelong task of mating and laying eggs inside the main hive. Over the following weeks, the bees will be left alone and their activity observed to ensure the queen’s “acceptance” took place and the colony is establishing itself without any issues. If all goes well, the bees will be able to put up ample stores of honey to make it through the winter. The Mansurs, who have coordinated this entire effort, and their Bee Team, will be looking after our new hives and making sure the farm’s new bee residents are healthy, happy and thriving.

Funding for the hive came from the proceeds from the recent showing of the movie Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us?  The movie is about the collapse of honeybee colonies around the world, human beings, and our joint struggle for health and sustenance. The school owns the DVD, so if you missed the showing, please contact Mary Mansur to find out about borrowing it.

Mary Mansur holding worker bees surrounding the box that contains the new queen bee and her attendants. The bees gradually eat through a candy plug which frees the queen into the hive.

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Presenting the 8th Grade

Eighth grade presented their projects, ranging from learning to fly a plane to immersion in Shakespearean acting.

Mentor and student demonstrating boxing drill


Programming a robot

Learning Belly Dancing

Lunar Photography

Uechi-Ryu karate demonstration

Student presenting her dressmaking project

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Epic Performance

Fifth-graders work on final touches for their performance of The Mahabharata, Thursday, March 29, 2012. The students will give two performances, with the second on Friday, March 30th at 630 p.m. The ancient Indian play features personal plots, conflicts and twists.

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Reading Buddies

Seventh-graders visited the second-graders for some reading time on Thursday, March 22, 2012. The two grades paired up at the beginning of the year to do activities together from pumpkin carving to reading together. The second-graders have someone to look up to, and the seventh-graders get to be mentors. This is the second time they have met to read, with more meetings planned in the future.


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Math Works

Second-grade teacher Aria Nevin worked with students on their math block during main lesson  on Tuesday, March 20, 2012. Using different approaches from hand games and circle exercises to counting gems and drawing pictures,  students learn to solve math equations creatively. Students focus intensely on not just memorizing answers but experiencing math with their bodies through movement exercises. Students worked with number patterns, multiplication and division tables, as well as addition and subtraction. They also practiced learning how to borrow and carry over numbers while adding and subtracting three digit numbers.

Circle exercises

Counting gems help out with larger numbers

Available for questions

And more questions

If you’re curious to learn more about the multi-sensory way in which  math is taught at a Waldorf school, please give Admissions Director Kelly Hiselman a call – 978-927-1936.

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CNN Story on Waldorf Education

Another news story on the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, chosen by many families whose parents work in high tech. A follow-up to the New York Times feature article on this school.

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Queen of Her Times

The sixth grade gave their second of two performances of “Her Three Kings”, a play about Eleanor of Aquitaine, on Thursday, March 8, 2012 . The students gave a great performance for parents, teachers, and friends alike. Sixth-grade teacher Anna Scalera told the audience that in Waldorf schools, history is often taught through the study of biographies. Classes study the lives of individuals who have helped advance civilization and culture and Eleanor of Aquitaine was certainly such a person.

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Fresh Skis

The eighth grade class went cross-country skiing on Moraine Farm, making the most of fresh snow on Thursday, March 1, 2012. Being one of the few snowfalls during this unusually warm winter, the students enjoyed the opportunity to make use of the skis.  The school has forty sets of skis, poles and boots and cross-country skiing is now part of the  gym/movement curriculum for middle school.

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