Presenting the 8th Grade

Eighth grade presented their projects, ranging from learning to fly a plane to immersion in Shakespearean acting.

Mentor and student demonstrating boxing drill


Programming a robot

Learning Belly Dancing

Lunar Photography

Uechi-Ryu karate demonstration

Student presenting her dressmaking project

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Epic Performance

Fifth-graders work on final touches for their performance of The Mahabharata, Thursday, March 29, 2012. The students will give two performances, with the second on Friday, March 30th at 630 p.m. The ancient Indian play features personal plots, conflicts and twists.

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Reading Buddies

Seventh-graders visited the second-graders for some reading time on Thursday, March 22, 2012. The two grades paired up at the beginning of the year to do activities together from pumpkin carving to reading together. The second-graders have someone to look up to, and the seventh-graders get to be mentors. This is the second time they have met to read, with more meetings planned in the future.


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Math Works

Second-grade teacher Aria Nevin worked with students on their math block during main lesson  on Tuesday, March 20, 2012. Using different approaches from hand games and circle exercises to counting gems and drawing pictures,  students learn to solve math equations creatively. Students focus intensely on not just memorizing answers but experiencing math with their bodies through movement exercises. Students worked with number patterns, multiplication and division tables, as well as addition and subtraction. They also practiced learning how to borrow and carry over numbers while adding and subtracting three digit numbers.

Circle exercises

Counting gems help out with larger numbers

Available for questions

And more questions

If you’re curious to learn more about the multi-sensory way in which  math is taught at a Waldorf school, please give Admissions Director Kelly Hiselman a call – 978-927-1936.

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CNN Story on Waldorf Education

Another news story on the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, chosen by many families whose parents work in high tech. A follow-up to the New York Times feature article on this school.

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Queen of Her Times

The sixth grade gave their second of two performances of “Her Three Kings”, a play about Eleanor of Aquitaine, on Thursday, March 8, 2012 . The students gave a great performance for parents, teachers, and friends alike. Sixth-grade teacher Anna Scalera told the audience that in Waldorf schools, history is often taught through the study of biographies. Classes study the lives of individuals who have helped advance civilization and culture and Eleanor of Aquitaine was certainly such a person.

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Fresh Skis

The eighth grade class went cross-country skiing on Moraine Farm, making the most of fresh snow on Thursday, March 1, 2012. Being one of the few snowfalls during this unusually warm winter, the students enjoyed the opportunity to make use of the skis.  The school has forty sets of skis, poles and boots and cross-country skiing is now part of the  gym/movement curriculum for middle school.

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The Gift of Learning — Steiner Waldorf Schools in England

An excellent 3 minute film on England’s Steiner Waldorf Schools.

The Gift of Learning

The longer version is below

The Gift of Learning — full length

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Quest for the Ice Dragon

Second graders gave an animated poem recital of “Quest for the Ice Dragon” written by grandparent Beth Crowe. The kids had a lot of fun acting out the different lines in costume for family and friends. Mrs. Crowe also worked with the students to create a felted mural based on the students’ detailed illustrations of the poem.

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Circus Comes to Town

Students performed acrobatics and circus arts for family and friends during the assembly before winter break on Friday, February 17, 2012. The performances included human being and animal-themed acts–from circus performers to insects to escaping leopards. The acts incorporated movements they learned in gymnastics class, which helps the students develop coordination.
Teachers lend a hand with musical support

2nd grade “peacocks”

A 1st grader “prairie dog” coming out of his burrow

2nd grade “stick bugs”
3rd & 4th grade “seals”

Mr. Yoors as the Master of Ceremonies

8th grade juggler on the shoulders of a classmate

6th and 7th grade “wall”

8th grade “black panther” hangs from the ceiling after climbing a pyramid of classmates

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