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The Gift of Learning — Steiner Waldorf Schools in England

An excellent 3 minute film on England’s Steiner Waldorf Schools. The Gift of Learning The longer version is below The Gift of Learning — full length

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Quest for the Ice Dragon

Second graders gave an animated poem recital of “Quest for the Ice Dragon” written by grandparent Beth Crowe. The kids had a lot of fun acting out the different lines in costume for family and friends. Mrs. Crowe also worked … Continue reading

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Circus Comes to Town

Students performed acrobatics and circus arts for family and friends during the assembly before winter break on Friday, February 17, 2012. The performances included human being and animal-themed acts–from circus performers to insects to escaping leopards. The acts incorporated movements … Continue reading

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A New Short Film on Waldorf Education

Why Waldorf — from the Marin Waldorf School

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Up a Tree

Q:  Why do children at CAWS climb so many trees? A:  Because someday they might grow up to be Waldorf teachers and those skills will come in handy.  After watching failed attempts at dislodging a glove stuck in a tree, … Continue reading

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Rising Teacher

School Administrator Susan White, left, introduces next year’s first-grade parents to their children’s new teacher, Sabrina Babcock.  As the current eighth-grade teacher, Mrs. Babcock looks forward to bringing her students to graduation, then embracing the first-grade class in the fall. … Continue reading

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Picking Up the Pieces

Kindergarten parent Marty Adler picked up the ball with assembling  a geodesic climbing dome that was donated to the school. It was a complex and daunting endeavor–with no instructions and a high level of difficulty matching five different length pieces … Continue reading

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Shaping the Future

Anna Scalera leads her sixth grade class through main lesson on geometry Thursday, February 9, 2012. Students worked through geometric exercises using straight edges and compasses and measuring intersections and arcs to draw regular pentagons and star pentagrams.

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Have a Heart

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